Family Jewels – Demetrius

My family taught me values
 That you don’t have the jewels to hold.
 Some had the chance to move but winced,
 Others had a whole lot to prove but hoe’d.
 Who moves are those?
 Who did you see run and cower?
 Devour and never give;
 Scared of death but scared to live.
 Was it your family or your friends?
 Your circle is only as complete
 As the people let within.
 So crowed,
 That you can’t even see who’s in it;
 You’re living with no conviction.
 I won’t say there’s shame on you,
 But I know that you feel it.
 Keep it real,
 If you can. 

Written By Shawn Demetrius Price
Published by Golden Mile Studios - All Rights Reserved

Photo by Shawn Demetrius Price


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