Hell n High Water – Demetrius

Granny raised my family on that belt
Said "If a nigga touch you,  
You better bring 'em hell."  
Dubs up!  
Boy, I pray my side prevails;  
Idle hands is of the devil,  
I play the ones that I was dealt.  
Handcuffed sixth grade,  
My daddy asked me, how they felt.  
Got jumped,  
Came home crying  
He asked "Why the fuck you telling me?  
Go get em back!"    

Before them shells hit,  
I’ll probably end myself.  
Before them shells hit,  
You better call for help. 
It all depends on how I’m feel,  
Boy, ya life is up for stealin’
Niggas talkin' and I don't hear nuffin' real.
Niggas barkin' til I tell they ass to heel.
Gotta live to see my daughter lift her vail,
So if I gotta lift that pistol up I will..

Written By Shawn Demetrius Price
Published by Golden Mile Studios - All Rights Reserved

Photo by Shawn Demetrius Price

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