bronco – Demetrius

 The world so cold
 A nigga gotta show no love
 First met my girl
 I tried to tell her I had no heart
 That shit a get you killed
 Rest in peace to the fallen soldiers
 We’ll meet again when it all rotates
 But until then
 I refuse to lay down and roll over
 That’s not my MO
 That’s not our motion
 You need a motive
 You need to hand out?
 Then relocate
 We’ll snatch ya shit broad day 
 In the wide open
 That’s called feedin’ the wolves nigga
 We all hungry
 We got some time
 It’s all stolen
 My mama ain’t supposed to be there
 At my grand-closing
 So if you won’t fight
 You can’t go 
 We can’t fold 

Written By Shawn Demetrius Price
Published by Golden Mile Studios - All Rights Reserved

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