Twin Peaks – Demetrius

 Life is the simple things
 Gotta finish the day
 If you gon’ spray
 You better learn how to finish ya plate
 Pops made sure home was straight
 But I kept running the bases
 Saw a nigga I robbed
 He remembered my face
 Chalked it up as play
 Niggas know it’s the game
 Took his L with some pride
 So we left him his chain
 All that complaining to the refs
 Gets you left as a case
 They said revenge is sweetest
 But I’m numb to the taste
 Niggas kicked in my ribs
 I still run with the aches
 That day runs through my mind
 I ain’t runnin’ again
 This shit ain’t entertainment
 I keep it pushing to ensure that my legacy’s straight
 Leavin’ more than my name
 Trynna write it in stone
 Way before it’s a grave
 Bring it back to my granny
 ‘Fore her memory fades
 I know my baby love me
 She tell me to keep a banger
 Ion’t even know how to take it
 But I do what she say
 Ain’t even mean to squeeze it on him
 I did it vain
 Didn’t pray for forgiveness
 My sins washed in the rain
 I regret what was done
 But don’t get it mistaken 

I'm willing to do it again...

Written By Shawn Demetrius Price
Published by Golden Mile Studios - All Rights Reserved

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