Moon Shined – Demetrius

If I ever disappear
 It’s ‘cus I meant to
 Night and day
 Sun to moon
 You only shine because I let you
 For my conscious
 I pray I never have to wet you
 But if funds run low
 And I catch you dolie
 I’m gonna have to get you

 I pray I never look my uncle to my nephew
 I’m gonna leave it there
 'Cus I don't really like to get too sentimental
 No greyhounds
 But we puppy chow in the rentals
 Taking trips cross lines
 I ain’t worried about when rents due
 Gotta keep my
 Head on a swivel
 Keep the led
 Under the seat
 I hope I see my killer
 Before I have to reach
 Or I’m gonna die bussin’
 But niggas shouldn’t have to burry lil cousin
 Only willing to kill
 ‘Cus I live for something
 This ain’t my summit
 I ain’t no has-been
 Or a wasn’t

 A lot of you niggas
 Is bammas and bustas
 Quit suckin’ me..

Written By Shawn Demetrius Price
Published by Golden Mile Studios - All Rights Reserved

Photo by Alex V.

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